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Joseph Heinrich Beuys ( 12 May 1921 - 23 January 1986 )

The artist with the hat, the felt and the fat corner. He was a German performance artist, graphic artist, art professor and art theorist.

In his extensive work, Beuys dealt with questions of humanism, social philosophy and anthroposophy. He formed the "expanded concept of art" and created the "social sculpture", in which communication with people, animals and nature, and not the person or the work of the artist, should be the focus.

Today, 35 years after his death, Beuys is still the symbolic figure of the provocative artist, the visionary who was ahead of his time.

"Every person is an artist", was his credo. " "To be a teacher is my greatest work of art...", he said and this became the occasion to exhibit works of Beuys and his students, an exhibition of the Deutsche Bank Collection. It was shown in Istanbul in 2009 at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum. 

24 of these artworks can be seen HERE.


In addition they now blend into the cityscape of the artists' quarter Daragac, Izmir Konak to be experienced on a digital walk COMING SOON...

The exhibition was made possible with funds from the Ernst Reuter Initiative. Our special thanks also go to the Deutsche Bank Collection, the artist collective Daragac and their neighbourhood, the curator of the exhibition in Izmir Jörn Fröhlich and the "Maker, the cat" team for the digital adaptation.

Copyright of the 24 art pieces at @VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021.

Beuys, Joseph (*1921 - 1986) 

1985 Iphigenie/Titus Andronicus
Photo positive and negative on film | Glass object in iron frame | 84 x 58.5 cm

DARAGAC virtual tour (coming soon)
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