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fashııion and textiles  "Re-Set the faSHion System! "  | student projects in fashion design

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The current fashion industry within the global supply chain is unsustainable due to the huge number of clothing production within linear, fast and irresponsible cycles which creates devastating environmental impacts and social injustice. Considering the responsibility and challenge of designers in transforming the system in to a more sustainable one, third year fashion design students are asked to create sustainable and ethical fashion collections, and fashion business students translated their fashion concepts in to marketing strategies of sustainable and slow fashion brands.  By conjoining ethics and aesthetics they tried to re-set the fashion system through selection of ecological, responsible and socially justice materials, design and production methodologies as well as ethical consumption scenarios. By envisioning future of fashion also by considering  covid -19 effect , the students designed collections targeting the young consumer market considering GenZ’s growing ecological consciousness and social responsibility.

The concept of “social sculpture” of Joseph Beuys referring  to every individual’s power to transform the society through regeneration of man-nature equilibrium and social engagement for a more equal and free society is taken as an inspiration by students which they interpreted in to an “ethical fashion” system and language. In this regards, the students developed their concepts on sustainable fashion in line with Beuys’s vision, artistic language, material usage ,morphological and structural approach,  as well as his  performances, activism and clothing style . In the course of the project 3rd year fashion design students from Izmir University of Economics and fashion business students from German Institute MD. H Mediadesign Hochschule Department of Fashion Business have collaborated amongst each other through online meetings in a cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural process under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şölen Kipöz , Prof. Claudia Schwarz and Prof. Martina Weiß.


Prof. Claudia Schwarz

Media Design University of Applied Sciences, Munich


Prof. Martina Weiß

Media Design University of Applied Sciences, Munich


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Şölen Kipöz

Izmir University of Economics

Berfin Çakan


Dilara Çiçek


Gamze Üzer -  Jessica Dedora


İmge Akyıldız - Laura Hohnsbeen

İzel Sandıkçı

İzim Melike Moral - Simonetta Sermoneta


Simge Bölük - Elina Walter

Simge Güner - Julia Grothues

Sude Yelekli - Lisa Becker

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