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gardening  | Social Sculpture Project and Student Workshop


This is an ongoing project being developed by Pelin Tan, Nina Kerzelli and Maquis Projects creating sustainable areas of urban gardening/farming, nature rewilding, social interaction, play and artistic intervention in a residential area of Kemeraltı Izmir. We will be actively collaborating and sharing ideas with similar projects in other cities. For the 2 year initiation/set up phase we will be working with local schools and community organizations, and various artists and theorists, both locally and internationally

The immediate aim of these student workshops is to create temporary social structures in the Kemeralti area in Izmir and also Batman city.

Some of our longtime aims are: The creation of a collective, cultivation garden, and areas for seeding, food foraging and tree planting in the local area that will also act as sustainable community forums and assembly areas.


Ali Kemal Ertem

Maquis Projects, Izmir


Tom Keogh 

Maquis Projects,Izmir


Nina Kertselli

Maquis Projects, Izmir


Susanne Bosch

Maquis Projects, Izmir


Pelin Tan

Maquis Projects, Izmir

more coming soon...

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