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felt and fibre  | experimentation & documentation of felted objects


Mother Goddess generally represents motherhood,  reproduction, creation,  femininity, continuity of life,  fertility,and  abundance. The mother goddess of Anatolia revives the life and she has been associated with the birth of humanity as a whole along with the universe and everything in it.

 Mother Goddess who had been effected humans from different cultures for thousands of years,  was the starting point of this project. Three dimensional felt objects and the embroideried motifs were inspired by mother goddess figurines. Three large felt objects symbolize the apperance, the regeneration and the disapperance of women. Women maintain  life  and reproduce new generations as an individual and then they  disappear. 

The first installation of the project was organized in the campus of Izmir University of Economics in front of  D Block (Faculty of Fine Arts and Design). The video was shot for 8 hours to witness the reaction of people randomly passing by.

Joseph Beuys had a close relation with felt throughtout his life. This video is dedicated to him considering his 100th birthday. 

Ersan Çeliktaş, Izmir University of Economics: video filming and editing


Prof. Elvan Özkavruk Adanır

Izmir University of Economics


Jovita Sakalauskaite Akgün 

fibre artist, Turkey

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