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fine arts "Survival"  | experimental student workshop

felted jewelry


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world for over a year now. It’s not a world war, like Beuys has survived, but we are struggling in our own way and experiencing its effects worldwide. It is disconnecting us from our “safe” zones. 

After World War II art has evolved and it was one of the most influential elements on the transformation of jewelry along with social changes. Conceptual artworks and performances affected jewelry as an object. Conventions like its material value were being questioned by the makers and artists.

Jewelry traditions were destroyed with using unorthodox materials, new techniques, experimentation, sculptural forms and enormous dimensions which led jewelry to have an artwork status and be a new conceptual expression medium for the artist.

The workshop aims to create a connection between survival of Beuys as an injured pilot in WWII and how it affected his conceptual art works - transfering this connection into jewelry as a contemporary wearable art object by materializing workshop participant’s personal survival kit.


Neşem Ertan Ayata

Izmir University of Economics

More coming soon...

"Beuys, Shamans and Blackpen "  | student workshop experimental mandalas

student workshop experimental mandala | Mehmed Siyah Kalem

The workshop will deal fundamentally with Joseph Beuys' shamanistic way of working in order to make comparisons on this basis with the painter Mehmed Siyahkalem ("Blackpen"), who was influential in Turkish history and whose paintings draw lines of tradition to the Asian as well as the cultural space of the Near East of the 13th and 14th centuries.

With this in mind, the workshop participants will independently produce drawings and paintings that follow this line of tradition and also trace new paths in digital space. This is because the paintings made will be designed on the basis of a tiling system, after which a connection between all the paintings will be established in a second step. The concept of "social sculpture" will then be the inspiration for combining the entirety of the workshop participants into a single social digital sculpture based on the medium of the digital meeting and staging it for all to see on the computer screen.


Simon Pfeffel

performance artist, Germany


Filiz A. Toprak

Dokuz Eylül University

© Simon Pfeffel

coming in fall...

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